■ GINEI Handmade Lure - Production process "Molding"
■ GINEI Handmade Lure - Production Engineering "Pure Silver Foil"

■ Coating of intermediate coated urethane coat
Coating of intermediate coating, we have done 9 times.
Next, we will sanding with waterproof paper.
Also, remove the Coat material on the part of the hook hanger with a cutter.
I will explain the part of the hook hanger.
After completion of the intermediate coating, we will remove debur once.
After the coloring and color stopping of the whole lure, we do deburring once.
Urethane coat coating After 3 times, we will remove debur once.
Sanding with the final finish waterproof paper, then coating twice with finishing urethane coat, it will be completed.
Deburring of the part of the hook hanger is done four times of deburring in total.
We will remove deburred at a slightly offset position from the previous time.
In other words, by shifting the cutting plane, it is possible to form a film of hook hanger part in 4 layers.
In general it is normal to finish deburring at the end after finishing the lure item.
In lure strength (including waterproof), I think that the coat composition of the hook hanger part is important.




■ Sanding
Sanding was completed with waterproof paper (# 420, # 360, # 600).
Completely remove the shiny part of the coating material.
This is unexpectedly hard work, and curing will be delayed in the current period when the temperature is low, so it will be a little easier.
The urethane coat which is usually sold in general sees many layers of sanding faces.
In the GINEI-workshop, we use a special compounding urethane coat, so the coating layer can be finished into a single coating layer.




■ Completion of intermediate coating coating
Coating one time, the intermediate coating has been completed.
Next we will prepare for lure painting work.




■ Lure paint masking
Before coloring, mask it with cellophane tape so that color is not blown into the face.
We also do the masking with the cellophane tape also for the fins portion.





■ Lure paint fin portion
Lure type with fins paint fin parts first with clear paint.





■ Lure paint finished
Wood grain finish around the eyeball, paint the clear brown system around the eyeballs.
Next, silver color is sprayed on belly and back (scales on the back are clear paint).
After color stopping, paint each color color.
To the colored finish, "Blue pearl color Majora paint" on the belly side, and "Green purple color three-layer polarized paint" on the back side.
With this, spraying of paint has ended.




■ Peel off masking
Peel off the masking stuck on face.
At the time of removing the face masking, the coloring work has been completed.
Wait for the paint to dry, To prevent color flow, we will spray cellulosic cement about 6 times throughout the lure.








■ Lure's eye completed
When color stop is completed, peel off the paint of the part of the hook hanger.
Lure's eye uses semicircular aurora eyes.
3D aurora eye, beautiful shape because it has a stereoscopic effect.
If the position of the left and right eyes and the position of the face are shifted even by 1 mm, it is noticeable.
As well as molding, we use care and emphasis on appearance.








■ Finishing of urethane coat
After completing the lure eye equipment, we will coat the urethane coat three times, waiting for drying.
After that, peel off the coating material of the part of the hook hanger again.
We are finished with three layer polarized paint on the back side.
This paint is a paint with a transparent feeling unlike Majora paint.
Depending on the coloring of the base, it will be a finish with a transparent feel.
The ventral side is finished with three layer polarized paint of blue pearl.









■ Last sanding finish
After coating the urethane coat three times, we will do the final sanding.
When sanding is done after lure painting, we will surely perform because the coating firmly tightens and adhesion also increases.
Generally, it seems to be completed with coating of 1 or 2 times after lure coloring.
In actual fishing, we also care about the coating so that the lure color will not come off due to scratches such as needles.




■ Lure completed
After sanding, coat the urethane coat twice, peel off the coat material of the part of the hook hanger.
Finally the long process has finished.
Until the last, thank you for seeing.