■ GINEI Handmade Lure - Production process "Molding"
■ GINEI Handmade Lure - Production Engineering "Finishing process"

■ Pure silver foil
Silver foil, shellfish, pasting work will be done.
Foil material is pure silver foil, pure gold foil, net platinum foil, sticking specifications.
Shell pasting specifications include "white butterfly shellfish" "Great Green Turban" "Japanese pearl oyster" "Sheet processed shellfish" Other shellfish specifications.
Pure Silver Foil Thickness (1 / 10,000 Millimicro) Pure silver foil (100% silver) is used.
I thought that the materials used for traditional Japanese crafts from ancient times could be used also in the lure world and devised it.
As it is a micro material it can not be touched directly.
In general, it is a way to paste with glue, but with this it is impossible to put a scales pattern.
We were able to commercialize it by our own method based on trial and error.
Even though it is widely used in the world, I think that the method of making this is an original method.
Also in Japan, there are only some lure builders who are making silver foil lures.
Pure silver foil With the glow of fish like genuine, it is a gloss with a transparent feeling close to white in the water.
Silver leaf lure fascinates large fish with genuine fish shine.




■ punched silver foil scaled incision processing
"Pure Silver Foil" uses items protected with Tetoron film (about 16 microns thick).
With this item you can touch the surface of pure silver foil.
Next, I will use a double-sided tape (acrylic polypropylene film as a pressure-sensitive adhesive) to be used.
The face part uses paper double-sided tape.
Silver foil and acrylic double-sided tape are easy to get wrinkle when stuck to the lure because there is no elongation.
Paper double-sided tape is used for facial parts because it can respond to slight elongation.
When sticking the body part of the silver foil, we will make a semicircular "Scales pattern" with a cutter so that wrinkles do not enter.
For this image, cut the semicircular scales one by one with a cutter.
We cut the material of micro with a knife and we are connecting it slightly delicately with a piece of double-sided tape.
If you do not cut the double-sided tape of the base, wrinkles will enter when pasting the silver foil, so it is a distribution of micron-like force.
From the builder fellows, it is said to be a technique of God.






■ Shell material
Shell pasting specifications include "white butterfly shellfish" "Great Green Turban" "Japanese pearl oyster" "Sheet processed shellfish" Other shellfish specifications.
Shell pasting specifications can be divided into shell type paste finish with foil as the base and shell pasting specification after coloring.
The pure silver foil shell pasting specification is transparent with elegant gloss and beautiful.
In the case of body coloring, the gloss of shellfish comes out all over and fits the sheet shells.




■ Natural shellfish "Great Green Turban"
In Japan, it becomes the most expensive shellfish and bigger items are short.
For large lures, I think that the size of the lure will be limited because there are not many matching shellfish.
I am fascinated by the gloss like noble lady.







■ Natural shellfish "White butterfly shell"
White butterfly shellfish has a glossy and beautiful finish just like a pearl.
Because there is no big natural shellfish, the big lure requires a work to connect the shellfish and the shellfish, and the connection point seems faint.
In Japan, it becomes an expensive shellfish and large items are short.
The gloss like transparent pearls is exquisite.





■ Great Green Turban "Sheet shell"
In the case of the seat shell, I think that the one that painted the lure body matches the material of the shellfish.
Depending on the color of the base, various luster colors are applied to shellfish, so it can be used for a wide range of applications.





■ Shell Diamond Cutting
We process shells into diamond cut shape.
We use double sided tape (acrylic polypropylene film as adhesive).
Next, cut into a diamond cut with a cutter.
Hold the shellfish with a thin pliers and divide the shellfish into a diamond cut shape precisely with your fingers and nails.
The important thing is to break it so as not to break the diamond cut shape.




■ Processing of shellfish completed
I am checking the diamond cut of shell.
If there are places that are not broken in some places, conspicuous in appearance so we check carefully.





■ Completion of pure silver foil shell processing
Pure silver foil, shellfish diamond cutting processing has been completed.





■ Pure silver foil paste on the face
Next, we will stick pure silver foil on the face.
The name of the lure (GINEI), date of manufacture, serial number, builder name (GINKUNI) is stated on the cheek of the face.




■ Antioxidation of pure silver foil
Pure silver foil is oxidized once it is exposed to air, so put it in a bag once.




■ Lure body pure silver foil paste
We will apply pure silver foil on the body part.
Since pure silver foil can not be repositioned, it is decided by one shot.









■ Body sheet Shell pasting
Next, I will paste the processed sheet shells.






■ Appearance completed
In this way, we have completed the pasting of the "Great Green Turban" sheet shell.
From the molding, the work so far is serious.
Next, we will do 9 coats of intermediate coating (special formula urethane coat).




■ Coating of intermediate coating
After coating 2 times, paste the fins of the body part and pasted "White butterfly shell".
Next, I coated the urethane coat once, it is in a state.







■ GINEI Handmade Lure - Production process "Molding"
■ GINEI Handmade Lure - Production Engineering "Finishing process"