【GINEI Handmade Lure】 Lure order production process (May 23, 2019)

I received an order for a lure reservation from an Australian customer.
On April 17, 2019, production of your order was started.
Although it will take a long time until the lure product is completed, I would appreciate your favor.

【160-SJ-X.PEN-MAGUR 純銀箔白夜光魚】Shell Color - Orange
【160-SJ-X.PEN-MAGUR 純銀箔桃夜光魚】Shell color - pink
【160-SJ-X.PEN-MAGUR 純銀箔桃青夜光魚】Shell color - Pink / Hett color - Blue
【160-SJ-X.PEN-MAGUR 純銀箔白橙夜光魚】Shell color - White / Hett color - Orange