【GINEI Handmade Lure】 Lure order production process (Apr 6, 2020)

I received a lure order from a customer in the United States.
Order production began on February 20, 2020.
Although it will take a long time until the lure product is completed, I would appreciate your favor.

【240-JAK.DV-X.PEN-SANMA-SP純銀箔秋刀魚】Silver foil, yellow green
【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔阿古屋魚/F】Japanese pearl oyster Blue
【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔阿古屋魚/F】apanese pearl oyster Green
【220-TOBI.PEN-XR純金箔ピラルク魚/F】Gold leaf Pilaruk