220-POR-X純銀箔血夜光魚/F [220-POR-X-2]

220-POR-X純銀箔血夜光魚/F [220-POR-X-2]

Selling price: 19,040円(tax incl.) [Regular selling price: 23,800円]

Suggested retail price: 23,800円

Kingfish / Topwater lure
It is a lure with a track record of fishing in Australia / New Zealand.
The completed image of the lure is " (April 29, 2019)" here.
The image of the lure production process is "(April 25, 2019)" here.

Lure Name
GINEI Handmade Lure

Lure Product Name

Lure size

Floating / Sink

Number of lure grams
(+-5g) There is an error, please refer to the product image.

Lure Action
Splash & S action, move to the left and right to attract fish.

Target fish
GT / Tuna / Kingfish / For large items.

Lure timber
Tree kind of wood, Yellow Cedar.

Weight type
a moving system moving backward from the center.

Floating posture
Horizontal posture.

Silver foil material
Silver foil (100% silver) thickness (10,000 min 1/2 mm micro) is used.

Shell specification
"Great green turban" Japanese name (Yakou Gai) sheet shell specification.

Hook Eye
Stainless steel wire 1.6/mm It corresponds also to a large fish.

Paint specification
After priming, painted three-layer polarized paint, Majora painted finish.

Coating agent
It uses a specially formulated urethane coat and has excellent durability.

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