【GINEI Handmade Lure】 Lure order production process (January 4, 2020)

It becomes a stock product with a new version lure product.
Production began on December 1, 2019.

【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔鱸魚/F】[Sea Bass Blue]
【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔鱸魚/F】[Sea Bass Green]
【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔阿古屋魚/F】[Japanese pearl oyster Blue]
【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔阿古屋魚/F】[Japanese pearl oyster Green]

We accept purchase reservations.
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