New version lure product was completed on January 6, 2020.
Details of the new version lure manufacturing process "(January 4, 2020)" Please click here.

【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔鱸魚/F】[Sea Bass Blue]
【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔鱸魚/F】[Sea Bass Green]
【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔阿古屋魚/F】[Japanese pearl oyster Blue]
【220-SJ-X.PEN-BT-KING純銀箔阿古屋魚/F】[Japanese pearl oyster Green]

This is not an order item but a stock item.
However, sold out in one day, thank you to our customers.
We look forward to your use again.
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