Welcome, thank you for visiting our store.
 This shop is a lure production sales specialty store such as GT / tuna / Kingfish / large fish etc.
 Utilizing the finest materials, emphasizing lure strength and movement,
 We manufacture and sell lures based on super-precision processing policy.
 We use the finest wood material, silver foil gold leaf, various shells for lure material.
 It is aesthetics to pursue and make use of Japan's ultimate craftwork technique, and it is policy of "GINEI".
 "GINEI" is the lure name "GINKUNI" is the builder name.
 We are looking forward to hearing from you sincerely for your reservation.

 Update information as of January 15, 2019
 Planned period of lure reservation production will be scheduled until around April.
 Customers who wish to order lures will be scheduled to start production after April.
 Please acknowledge and thank you for your preorder.

  English sentence details【Please be sure to check notes.】
 ※ Lure product sales are complete reservation production sales.
 ※ Items displayed in the shop are not inventory items.

 ■ Lure reserved items, conditions of quantity
 Normally we accept reservations with 4 product sets.
 Luer items Please select at least two items at least as many as you can book.
 ※ It is not possible to produce and sell a single item.

 ■ Details of Lure Product Order Procedure
 1. Customers wishing to prepare lures for production should click on the "pre order" button to complete the reservation.
 ※ commodity prices currency is the currency of Japanese Yen.

 2. Because of the large number of pre-orders,
 We can not decide when to start production.
 ※ Please do not complete payment first.

 3. After the online shop prep booking procedure is completed,
 We will guide reservation details by return mail.
 ※ We do not accept inquiries from non-members.
 Please register from "New Registration" .

 ■ About payment
 Payment from overseas becomes e-mail payment of "PayPal" .
 ※ After reservation details are completed, your email address will be charged.

 ■ About product shipping
 Dispatch to overseas will be sent via EMS International Speed Mail .
 ※ We will ship free shipping on purchase price over 60,000 yen.
 ※ The ring & lure hook is not attached to the product.

  Explanation of English
 Update information as of January 15, 2019
 It is information of the content currently receiving the lure pre-order.
 ※ We prepare for lure production in order of customers who have completed order.

  From Australia, I got a pre-order for lure.
 Currently, lure is in production.

【160-SJ-X.PEN-MAGUR 純銀箔桃夜光魚】 【160-SJ-X.PEN-MAGUR 純銀箔赤夜光魚】 【160-SJ-X.PEN-MAGUR 純銀箔】

  From Australia, I got a pre-order for lure.
 Currently, waiting for the lure production.

【220-JAK.DV-X.BT-X 純銀箔夜光魚/F】 【220-JAK.DV-X.BT-X 純銀箔夜光魚/F】 【220-JAK.DV-X.BT-X 純銀箔夜光魚/F】

  I received an order for lure from the USA.
 Currently, waiting for the lure production.

【220-JAK.DV-X純銀箔秋刀魚/F】 【250-KAT65.TSP-X純銀箔飛魚/F】
【250-KAT65.TSP-X純銀箔黒夜光魚/F】 【260-JAK.DV-X.BT-X純銀箔黒夜光魚/F】

GINEI Handmade Lure Pre-Order Available Items